Pest Control


When general pests – insects, mites, rodents and wildlife – become a pesky issue, Proscape Pest Control Services will be the ideal solution for you. Our expertise with the latest strategies will identify and eliminate the source of pest problems in homes, apartments, hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, retail spaces, and industrial buildings.


We will eliminate pests using the most economical means and with the least possible hazard to people, property and environment.


This is a preventative service to control many crawling insects and rodents. Our technicians will inspect the location during the service and will discuss or write down findings. ProScape technicians use a combination of spray, bait and dust to control pest in and around your place based on the season and needs.


If mice or rats are seeking warmth, shelter and food in your home, restaurant, retail store, or office! Turn to ProScape Pest Control Services. We are professional in tracking down the source of rodent infestations. our team will identify the type of rodent, points of entry and food sources. We use the safest methods to exterminate, recheck and dispose of any used traps, if necessary. Pro is in our name because we help to completely eliminate the problem


We exterminates wasps, flies, stink bugs, gnats, mosquitoes, moths and other flying insects that bite, bore, destroy and irritate clothing or harbor disease. ProScape eliminate these moving targets with the safest, latest and broadest pest treatment strategies. We identify the insect; survey the building’s interior and exterior; and remove nests, if needed. For restaurants, we also provide insect zappers that attract and eliminate flying pest, which your guests will truly appreciate.


Is the very foundation of your home or business being attacked by termites and other wood destroying insects? Well, if you see what appears to be flying ants or mud tubes then the answer is “YES!” Millions are spent each year eliminating this horrible nuisance. Contact our pros at ProScape Pest Control Division. We will perform a multipoint inspection and treat the problem using the latest, broadest and most cost-effective termite solutions – typically liquid termiticide drilled into the foundation or slab and baiting. Also will point out maintenance or structural issues that might make your building more attractive to termites.

ProScape Availability

ProScape is a complete solutions and 24/7/365 responsive with fair competitive pricing. We are happy to work with you on an annual or maintenance basis.


We guarantee our clients satisfaction for all treatment with 24/24 hotline and standby team.

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